"The way to improve ART outcomes is to introduce more technologies in the lab"

Published:November 02, 2021DOI:


      To address the proposition that “the way to improve ART outcomes through the introduction of more technologies in the lab”, it is prudent to first define what is considered improved outcomes. Evidently this equates to an increase in the live birth rate but should also include parameters such as time to pregnancy, cumulative pregnancy per oocyte retrieval and the health of the resultant child. Further, being able to maintain clinical results week in week out through quality management also contributes to the overall success of a clinic, and hence can be considered an improved outcome. With regards to these outcomes, it is offered that the introduction of several new technologies (defined here as instrumentation, techniques and enhanced computer utilisation and analysis) has the potential to not only improve outcomes, but some have the capacity to facilitate automation and standardisation in the ART laboratory. While automation of procedures can be perceived as a justifiable goal itself, in this contribution the emphasis is on how new technologies could help more patients become parents of healthy children in the shortest possible time.


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