Maximising live birth rates cannot be the only key performance indicator of IVF

Published:November 23, 2021DOI:


      IVF success is currently measured by pregnancy or live birth rate only, without any consideration given to health outcomes for the woman and baby and the total cost of treatment. A successful IVF cycle should be redefined as the birth of a healthy singleton baby at term, without compromising the health and safety of the woman and baby achieved at the lowest possible cost. We recommend that the performance indices for an IVF programme should be based on a weighted scoring system according to livebirth per embryo transferred, cumulative live birth rate over one-year, total cost of treatment cycle and maternal and perinatal outcomes. This holistic approach would prevent the use of unnecessary high stimulation, unproven add-ons without regard for the welfare of the patients and would increase accessibility to IVF treatment.
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