Bob Edwards presented with his Nobel Prize

In October, it was announced that Professor Robert Edwards had been awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine. The presentation of the Nobel medal took place on Friday 10 December in a glittering ceremony in the Concert Hall, Stockholm. Bob’s health was unfortunately too frail for him to attend in person, and so his prize was accepted from the King of Sweden by his wife and long-term scientific colleague Ruth Fowler Edwards — herself the grand-daughter of 1908 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Lord Earnest Rutherford. Afterwards, Ruth, on the arm of the Prime Minister of Sweden, processed to the Nobel Banquet at The City Hall. Present at both occasions were daughters Caroline, Sarah, Jenny and Meg Edwards, together with 6 of Bob’s grandchildren and his nephew Dean, as were Andrew Steptoe, son of Patrick, together with RBM Managing Secretary Caroline Blackwell and Editor Martin Johnson. Earlier in the week, on Tuesday 7 December at the Karolinska Institutet, Martin opened a packed public symposium on Bob’s work at the invitation of the Nobel Assembly. Also speaking were Ruth Edwards, Harriet Wallberg-Henriksson, Hugo Lagercrantz, Lars Hamberger and Outi Hovatta. RBM senior editor, Jacques Cohen, and Chairman Kamal Ahuja also attended. The company then proceeded to dinner at the invitation of the Nobel Medical Committee in the Thielska Gallery. On Thursday 9 December, the Edwards party also lunched at the British Embassy at the invitation of Her Brittanic Majesty’s Ambassador, Mr Andrew Mitchell, and Mrs Helen Mitchell. For more details of events see

13 December 2010

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